Check out some crazy creations. Environmental art made from twigs, branches, stones etc found while wandering in nature. Each product is totally handmade therefore each is a unique piece.
UnBox creativity and bring in a bit of nature, indoors.
Artefacts Collection
Orange bike
Yellow scooter
3D painting - Paris
Mountain temple
Fish Pond
Newly Added

Black Dog

Newly Added

Island Scene

Newly Added

Owl Couple

Making art from nature involves utilizing various elements of nature (such as wood, leaves, sticks, stones, water, etc) in a creative way to make a new art object. Our earth provides us lot of inspiration for art. Using natural and organic materials, we've created breathtaking art that looks perfectly at home. These beautiful objects are made completely by hand and by using simple tools. The material used in the artwork is natural and also recycled.

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